exclusive interview with Mumtaz Hussain, the only Bengali woman councilor candidate in Birmingham City Council

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In an exclusive interview with Mumtaz Hussain, the only Bengali woman councilor candidate in Birmingham City Council for the forthcoming local council elections, the conversation of prominent TV presenter and freelance journalist Rashia Khatun was highlighted courtesy of Bangla Kagoj

Rashia Khatun – Mumtaz Hussain You are the only Bengali woman councillor candidate from Birmingham City Council in this year’s local council election. Can you tell us something about that?



Mumtaz Hussain- Thank you Rashia Khatun for asking me such a question. In fact, you, me, and we all know that Birmingham City Council is one of the largest councils in all of Europe, not just England. It has 32 wards. Only Two councillors. There are no women councillors in Birmingham . But if we look at London, we see that there are not only women councillors, but also four women MPs.

Rashia Khatun: What are your qualifications and electoral thinking as a councilor candidate?
Mumtaz — You see the light of my growing up in the light air of this country. If I talk about education then after completing the level s I am working part time in Royal Mail and an interpreter as a profession with higher degree. These are my qualifications. I have seen the helplessness of people. Especially widows and divorced women. Not only widows or divorced women, I have visited many weak women who do not know English at different times, I have talked about their necessary rights, I have worked for them. So I have a lot to say about electoral thinking, from the housing problem in Aston Ward to the environment, education, health, medical care. I will try to implement what is mentioned to be done.

Rashia Khatun: You are a British mainstream politician. Why are you involved in British mainstream politics? But very few British women in our community do stream politics. What do you think could be the root cause?


Mumtaz Hussain — Since politics controls everything in today’s world, there is no alternative to politics? So I have been involved in British politics for a long time. The women in our community are not involved in British mainstream politics because there are two reasons. Women are reluctant to participate in politics. Two, backhome politics. The hope is that many are coming forward. For example, this time the local council elections.

Rashia Khatun: How much do you believe you can contribute to the development of your ward if elected?

Mumtaz Hussain: I am Mumtaz Hussain and Ayub Khan, a barrister of Kashmiri descent, as the Liberal Democratic Party’s candidate in the Aston ward in this election. Besides, I would like to give another assurance that if we can be elected, the happiness and sorrow of the people of all the eight wards will be by our side. InshaAllah, no one can say that I saw it once in five years? Besides, we are living in Aston and this is our fourth generations. So my first and last address is this Aston.

Rashia Khatun: Do you have any message through Bangla paper or me in this election?

Mumtaz Hussain: First of all, I would like to thank Rashia Khatun for giving me the opportunity to talk about my electoral ideas in a hurry. Then I would like to thank other media organizations including Bangla Kagoj. Live